Portrait paintings below  use client's photos for reference. They are painted in watercolor and gouache. Several oil paintings on canvas ,The Wedding Dance and male portrait are rendered in oil paint

The  New Dress

This watercolor was a challenge with  soft red hair on a model wearing a red dress with metallic asian designs.  This is watercolor, graphite and gauche on toned paper.

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The Embrace


Two little sisters like small dolls in an embrace. The older child already seems protective of her sister. Although from a modern photo, it seems from long ago with  the lace dresses and muted tones.


Watercolor Day

This watercolor was all delicate tones and the hair was very similar in tone to the skin.


The Mardi Gras  couple


Wedding Dance

This oil painting began as a commission taken from  a casual snapshot taken of a spontaneous dance after the wedding. It was magical.

with dog.jpg

This New Orleans couple made and wore  smashing costumes each year. This watercolor was photographed half completed. The lady is still shown with graphite  and white before  color was added to her image. I had cusotdy of the costumes in my studio for a few weeks while completing this painting.

My favorite oil painting; so much is coming through this image,